tibtoa - Texas Instruments TI8x Binary to ASCII converter


tibtoa [ -hi ] file


tibtoa converts the binary files dumped from a calculator (for example by tilp(1)) into human-readable text. The name is not quite right, though - for programs, it also uses various unicode chars, not plain ASCII.

tibtoa reads in the file specified on the commandline and prints the result to STDOUT. Errors, such as unknown bytes in the source, go to STDERR.

Currently, the following file types are supported: .8Xv (variable), .8Xl (list), .8Xm (matrix), .8Xe (equation), .8Xs (string), .8Xp (program).



Indent the content of for, while, if, etc. statements


Print the content of the file header before the file content, prefixed by '#'