db-wagenreihung - Interface to Deutsche Bahn Wagon Order API


db-wagenreihung station train-number


version 0.08

This is beta software: API and output format may change without notice.


db-wagenreihung shows the wagon order of train train-number at station station (must be a name or DS100 code) as reported by the Deutsche Bahn Wagon Order API. As of April 2020, long-distance IC/EC/ICFE trains are widely supported, and some regions (e.g. Stuttgart/Karlsruhe) also provide wagon orders for select regional trains. Data accuracy varies, but seems to be improving over time.

It is not possible to request the wagon order at a train's terminus station. This is a known limitation.

The departure of train-number must be in the time range between now and two hours in the future.


db-wagenreihung 'Essen Hbf' 723

Show wagon order of ICE 723 at Essen Hbf

db-wagenreihung TS 3259

Show wagon order of IRE 3259 at Stuttgart Hbf


* JSON(3pm)
* LWP::UserAgent(3pm)
* Travel::Status::DE::IRIS(3pm)


Copyright (C) 2018-2020 by Birte Kristina Friesel <>


This program is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.